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We work with our clients in a personalized manner that is customary to each individual’s need to work towards whole health through right action and regular practice. Take your personal health spectrum to a whole new level through engaged and regular routine fitness training. Over time our bodies change. Fluid levels affect the health of organs, tissue and cartilage. By working with a Gravit8 personal trainer you will be making a commitment to a greater range of motion and endurance, active health, ease of mobility, strength training, and overall wellness.

Gravit8 to a whole new level of Personal Wellness

At Gravit8 our personal trainers work as YOUR fitness coach.  Working with a certified personal trainer, the mobility coach serves to educate, motivate, stimulate and guide you through every step of action during your personal training session to reach a new level of permanent lifestyle goals.  Services are offered in a variety of exercise-motivated settings for Individual or Small-Group Personal Training. Choose YOUR perfect spot from the following locations:


710 Gorham Road, Ridgeway


Our private studio is equipped with time-efficient and effective *GTS Gravity machines providing full-body strengthening workouts. The GTS system works with the gravity inside your body to actively engage muscle memory. Personalized training sessions can benefit the client that has experienced signing up for a gym membership and not utilizing it. There is no pressure of the group workout environment.
At Gravit8 you follow a program specifically created for you. A program to motivate and keep you on the path to realizing the potential your body has, at any age, for increased mobility. Movement stimulates circulation, strength and our ability to meet life’s needs and demands to be healthy. Our exercise regimes are geared to build upon and expand your abilities, so while our studio setting Gravity machine meets the needs of beginners, more experienced athletes can also benefit by increasing the incline to provide a challenge. Even highly dedicated and motivated fitness focused individuals will benefit from the introduction of new instruction.
We offer the benefit of renting a GTS system for your home, offer training sessions remotely, and instruct clients to use body weight as a benefit.


baclogo700 Gilmore Rd, Fort Erie

All services of personal training, small-groups, large groups or one-on-one, are available to all members of The Bridgewater Athletic Club.



The Algonquin Club
(This Club is for Ridgeway By The Lake residents only.)

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of the newly-renovated Fitness Room in the Algonquin Club.  Personal training can help you retain muscle and improve your health to allow a more active, complete, and healthy lifestyle. (....and you don't have far to go.)

friendshipNiagaraWe are very fortunate to live in the Niagara area where extensive park spaces and Friendship Trails are within reach and available to us.  While doing our various workouts, such as biking, power walking, and strength training, we can enjoy the great outdoors with programs built to our specific needs.


In-Home Training

Do you have a home gym?  Even if you don't, we can come and work with you and develop a program that will suit your lifestyle and help you reach your fitness goals without leaving the comforts and privacy of home. There’s no gear to be packed, car keys to find and no drive to the gym, (in the snow) so you’ll be saving time!
 Your trainer will arrive on time with everything needed for your workout - you’re ready to roll!

skypercise003 edited 1Anywhere-Training

Connect with Skype, Facetime,  GoToMeeting, Google and others, at home or on the road, and you will never miss another workout. Tara will keep you on track wherever you are, and when you can’t make it in person - so there's no reason to miss a session with your personal trainer and you'll be that much closer to reaching your goal! http://www.shape.com/blogs/working-it-out/skyper-cise-workout-anywhere

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