Carole is a Certified yoga teacher with many years service, actively instructing several forms of yogic arts.  Carole has been teaching yoga and continually upgrading, and excelling in the long term range of her career. Carole works in the local region providing yoga instruction through YMCA programs and teaching yoga to adults at all levels from beginner to advanced movement techniques.

    Yoga II focuses on active aging and mobility. Our Team Gravit8 instructor will work with members to build upon strength, breathing, range of motion and active mobility. Through stretching, breathing and conscious movement, beginners to medium-level will enjoy this enhanced movement class. The session includes a warm up and cool down.



    Charlene has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 2009. 
She is certified under the School of Indigo Qigong. Charlene operated a WuShu school, and later opened up a Tai Chi Studio in Yakima Washington.


    Work to acquire conscious body movements. Balance the flow of energy with improved air intake to improve posture and increase mobility. Learning this ancient practice of conscious movement helps to optimise blood flow and circulation. Focus on improving agility, posture and the ability to balance your  range of motion. Low resistance exercise. Good for beginners.


    Erik is a Canadian-based, FASCIAL THERAPIST.  The success of his practices and his methods are born out of 20 years of experience working with some of the world's most demanding patients.  He has developed several successful practices throughout the US and Canada.  His reputation as a "results-oriented" therapist has been forged out of his lifelong commitment to the "functional treatment process."
    Erik's formal education comes from a Diploma in Massage Therapy followed by a BHSc. degree.  He will be the first to tell you, however, that the bulk of his education comes from the experience and diversity of his patients and their conditions.  Erik treats using advanced clinical assessment, paired with Myofascial Release and ART techniques.  This approach affords him a high rate of success with his clients, be they high-performance athletes, celebrities, or individuals from the general public, trying to maintain a healthy productive life.  His philosophy - Resolve, through a deconstructionist application - is one that he adheres to very strongly.

    RYT - 200

    Julie, or Jaya, as she is known in the yoga community, has a passion for helping people.  Jaya left the hectic corporate world after 20 years when she finally understood the not-so-subtle messages her body was sending -  relax, find a balance, and look after yourself.

    Yoga was the perfect solution, gently guiding and encouraging her through the anguish - to her recovery!

    Jaya now inspires balance within the bodies, minds and souls of others; physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  Through Therapeutic Touch, Yoga and Meditation, Jaya shares the tools and techniques she learned through her own journey to balance, and strives to empower others along theirs.

    Jaya is trained in Classical Hatha Yoga, a tradition originating in India. This discipline is mindful of movement, breathing, concentration, relaxation and meditation to coordinate the body and mind.


    Classical Hatha yoga on the mat – done on the floor

    Yoga and Beyond!
Yoga for self care, self love, self compassion

    Yoga for stress management

    Yoga for getting into a healthy routine
    Yoga for joy and happiness

    Yoga for the chakras

    Yoga Nidra 

    Gentle yoga with guided conscious relaxation

    Chair Yoga

    Classical Hatha yoga in a chair

Gentle yoga, guided relaxation and meditation

    Beyond Meditation

    Share different types of meditation to find one that speaks to you

Calm jar workshop

    Dream board workshop


    Yoga, meditation and mindfulness

    Stress management
Therapeutic Touch


    Wanda’s personal training career includes fifteen years of experience educating and instructing in-class environments. Wanda's credentials include a certification as a Mat Pilates Instructor and many Zumba certifications including Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Gold, Zumba Gold/Toning, Kids & Kids Jr.

    ZUMBA is celebrating ten years and has become a fun way to stay fit and be active while practicing dance steps, with stretches and step routines. Zumba is best performed by beginners participating in other classes regularly that encourage, breathing, mobility, and strength training. Great fun for beginners and celebrated by experienced participants.

    Work to strengthen muscle mass by breathing, contracting and stretching. Increase overall durability by working with core energy and connecting with extremities. Improve range of motion and awareness of the body’s increased benefits by learning to stretch and breath consciously.


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